Our People


Todd Rabbitt is an experienced project manager and electrical designer with over 10 years of experience in the electrical infrastructure space. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) degree specialising in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Engineering Management.

Todd has a proven track record of successfully delivering projects on time and within budget, and his expertise in electrical engineering and engineering management has enabled him to effectively lead cross-functional teams and manage project risks. He is highly skilled in project management methodologies such as PMBOK and Agile, and has a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the electrical infrastructure industry.

His excellent communication and leadership skills, combined with his technical expertise, make him an asset to any project team. Todd is dedicated to delivering high-quality results, and his ability to think strategically and make informed decisions has led to the successful completion of multiple projects.

Todd is an effective problem-solver, able to identify and mitigate potential issues before they occur, and his ability to manage budgets and resources ensures that projects stay on track. Todd’s ability to work in a fast-paced environment, coupled with his ability to manage multiple projects at the same time, makes him an ideal candidate for any project management role.

Overall, Todd Rabbitt is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a solid background in electrical engineering and engineering management. His extensive experience in the electrical infrastructure space makes him an excellent candidate for any project management role.


Sebastian James is a highly skilled project manager with 10 years of experience in the electrical industry. With a diploma in Civil Engineering, Sebastian brings a solid foundation of technical knowledge and expertise to his project management role.

Throughout his career, Sebastian has successfully managed a vast range of projects, showcasing his ability to adapt to different scopes and complexities. His deep understanding of civil engineering principles, combined with his project management acumen, enables him to effectively oversee and deliver projects to the highest standards.

Sebastian’s strong leadership skills and exceptional attention to detail ensure that projects are executed efficiently and within budget. He has a proven track record of effectively coordinating cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration, and maintaining open lines of communication with stakeholders.

His expertise in project planning, resource allocation, and risk management enables him to navigate challenges and proactively identify solutions. Sebastian’s ability to anticipate and mitigate risks, combined with his commitment to quality, has consistently resulted in the successful completion of projects, meeting or exceeding client expectations.

With his comprehensive understanding of the electrical industry, Sebastian is able to effectively manage project timelines, budgets, and resources. He has a keen eye for identifying process improvements and implementing streamlined workflows, leading to enhanced project efficiencies and cost savings.

Sebastian’s dedication to professional growth and staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices further strengthens his project management capabilities. He remains adaptable to evolving technologies and methodologies, continuously enhancing his skill set to deliver exceptional results.

In summary, Sebastian James is a highly skilled project manager with a diploma in Civil Engineering and a decade of experience in the electrical industry. His comprehensive understanding of civil engineering principles, combined with his exceptional project management abilities, make him a valuable asset in successfully delivering projects across diverse domains.


Josh Hill is a dynamic and motivated individual who is new to the project management industry. While he may be in the early stages of his career, Josh’s enthusiasm and dedication to delivering positive outcomes make him a promising project manager.

With his energetic approach, Josh brings a fresh perspective to project management. He is eager to learn and apply new skills, always seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and stay updated with industry trends and best practices. Josh’s commitment to professional growth allows him to adapt quickly to the demands of the role and continuously improve his project management abilities.

Despite being new to the field, Josh’s strong work ethic and determination enable him to make a positive impact. He is driven by the desire to achieve success for both his team and his clients, consistently going the extra mile to deliver high-quality results. Josh’s dedication to providing excellent outcomes ensures that projects are executed with precision and attention to detail.

Josh is a natural collaborator and possesses excellent communication skills. He values open dialogue and actively seeks input from team members and stakeholders, fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment. This enables him to build strong relationships and effectively manage project teams, facilitating seamless cooperation and achieving project goals.

While he may be less experienced, Josh’s enthusiasm and willingness to take on challenges make him a valuable asset to any project. He approaches each task with a positive mindset and a focus on continuous improvement. Josh’s ability to quickly grasp new concepts and his eagerness to learn from experienced professionals contribute to his rapid development as a project manager.

In summary, Josh Hill is an energetic and committed individual who is new to the project management industry. With his positive attitude, dedication, and eagerness to learn, he is poised to become a successful project manager. His collaborative nature, strong work ethic, and commitment to delivering excellent outcomes make him an asset to any project team.

Michael from Phase Consulting


Michael, based in the Manawatū-Whanganui region, is a highly skilled and experienced Design Engineer with 8 years of experience in Line Design and Distribution Design within the electrical industry. His work extends across projects in both Australia and New Zealand, working on a large number of one-off designs, new line builds and analysis for reconductoring of existing assets.

Michael has successfully contributed to a diverse range of projects, demonstrating expertise in both Line Design and underground distribution design. His excellence in the intricate process of line design reflects a keen understanding of technical requirements and standards crucial for ensuring reliable and efficient electrical distribution.

Michael has proven adaptability and problem-solving skills in navigating unique project challenges. Committed to continuous learning and professional development, he stays abreast of industry trends and advancements, ensuring his skills are up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices.

Overall, Michael is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a solid background in electrical distribution design. His extensive experience in the electrical infrastructure space makes him an excellent candidate for any design project.

Micah from Phase Consulting

Micah Crawshaw

Micah brings a wealth of expertise to our team at Phase Consulting, boasting over 14 years of invaluable experience within the electricity supply industry in Canada and across New Zealand. His comprehensive background spans various pivotal areas, with a primary focus on reliable network operations. Throughout his career, Micah has honed his skills in crucial facets such as Distribution Line Construction, Fault Response and Diagnosis, and Network Control Operation and Management.

His journey in the industry has been marked by a dedication to ensuring efficient and reliable electricity supply, grounded in a profound understanding of network intricacies. Micah’s hands-on experience in Distribution Line Construction has equipped him with a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to navigate the complexities of building and maintaining electrical infrastructure. His adeptness in Fault Response and Diagnosis has been instrumental in swiftly identifying and addressing potential issues, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to communities and businesses.

Micah’s proficiency extends to Network Control Operation and Management, where his strategic approach and technical acumen have played a pivotal role in optimizing network performance and maintaining operational efficiency. His qualifications as a Glove and Barrier Linesman underscore his commitment to safety standards, ensuring not only the seamless functioning of electrical networks but also the well-being of the professionals working within these environments.

With a strong foundation in the electricity supply industry, Micah brings a unique blend of hands-on experience, technical expertise, and a commitment to safety and efficiency to our team.


Josh Van Lier Profile Photo

Josh Van Lier

Dr Josh van Lier is a highly skilled environmental scientist, strategist and project manager with over ten years of experience in the environmental space working across science, strategy and governance roles. He holds a Certificate in Coastal Resilience, a First Class Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in aquatic ecology, has authored multiple scientific publications in international journals, and has won numerous awards and accolades across the Indo-Pacific.

Josh has a strong record of project management from inception through to completion on a range of projects relating to climate resilience, disaster recovery, ecosystem protection/rehabilitation and environmental monitoring. His broad knowledge base and extensive work history means he excels at leading multi-disciplinary teams in a fast-paced environment to obtain the desired project outcomes in a timely and efficient manner.

A natural problem solver, calm under pressure and excellent communicator used to dealing with diverse viewpoints. These traits, in addition to his comprehensive understanding of environmental science, policy and the politics around it, means Josh is able to anticipate future trends, find consensus and seamlessly navigate bureaucracy to achieve excellent outcomes for projects, clients and other key stakeholders.

Josh has highly developed written and verbal skills and is able to synthesize and disseminate technical information accurately in an audience-appropriate manner.

Josh currently holds a position as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Newcastle working on coastal and estuarine ecology and climate resilience, their application, and interface with society. He is also an alumnus of the Young Pacific Leaders Program, and was an elected representative on the Greater Wellington Regional Council.